Not enough time to sweet talk your prospects?

Let’s face facts. You are in the business of building pools. If you wanted an office job, you would be doing something dramatically different. Closing deals and finding the right prospects to see face-to-face takes time and requires many hours of boring, frustrating screentime, most of which can be automated.

Free up your day and automate the boring stuff!

Why Automate

It is a generally accepted marketing and sales principle that you need about seven touchpoints with a new client before you can close a sale. Obviously, each industry and prospective client is unique, but ensuring a minimum of seven quality touchpoints will help you close more swimming pool sales. 

A few examples of common touchpoints would include:

  1. Your original search listing or advert and the interaction on your website
  2. An automated swimming pool estimate or quote and a follow-up email.
  3. Automated follow-up emails focusing on adding value and information to your prospective client’s search for a reputable contractor. These emails could include information on the industry’s best operating processes for pool installation. They could also highlight swimming pool trends and your portfolio.
  4. YouTube videos. After identifying a client through their click on your advert, we can target YouTube advertising at them to reinforce your branding and credibility.
  5. Social media. We can identify potential clients through their interaction on your website, and we can target social media adverts at those specific people, further building confidence and awareness of your businesses.
  6. Personal interaction. This is the most powerful touchpoint of them all, but without first building trust, confidence, and awareness of your business, it could be a tough sale, and you could be wasting time on the wrong people.

By building a strong and personalized automated follow-up, we offer your clients more opportunities to get in touch with you directly. 

Serious buyers will often make themselves known without you needing to sift through hundreds of timewasters to identify one or two genuine clients. 

Do more of what you want to do.

Get a free quote and start automating your boring sales follow-up processes.

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