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Hello and welcome to, the innovative hub for marketing and website development tailored exclusively for the dynamic swimming pool industry. I am Roger Lightening, and together with my team, I bring over 20 years of passion, knowledge, and expertise to the table, serving pool builders in South Africa and around the globe.

Our journey commenced back in 2004 with, a pioneering project that placed pool builders on the online marketing map. While others doubted the potential of online marketing, I firmly believed in its revolutionary power.

Today, many of our clients depend solely on the leads we generate, reaffirming our commitment to providing high-quality sales leads at the best possible cost. My track record in creating Google Ads campaigns speaks volumes, with conversion rates that consistently exceed the global average by 3 to 4 times. The result? Lower advertising costs and superior results for your business. isn't just a business - it's a family endeavour

My sons, Anthony and Sebastian, contribute their unique talents to our dedicated team. With his Honours degree in Psychology, Sebastian specializes in researching and understanding what makes your customers tick. By creating detailed buyer personas, he ensures we engage with your clients in a way that resonates.

Anthony, our talented wordsmith with a Journalism degree, crafts engaging written and video content that captures and keeps attention. He understands the power of a captivating video and a compelling write-up – invaluable tools that we utilize to convert prospects into loyal clients.

At the heart of our business are our clients, and our relationships with you form the cornerstone of our success. Many of these relationships date back over a decade, and it’s this level of commitment and loyalty that we bring to every new partnership.

At, we’re not just observers – we’re participants in the world of pool innovation. South Africa, our home base, is known for its groundbreaking pool products like the Kreepy Krauly, Pool Cop Pool Automation system, and the Baracuda Pool Cleaner, and we bring the same pioneering spirit to our services.

Whether your business is a stone’s throw away or on another continent, I assure you that we’re well-equipped to serve you. I understand that, like mine, many of your businesses are multi-generational and family-owned, and it’s this personal connection that makes our work so rewarding.

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